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Ambassador Kitau lauds media for impressive election coverage

Former Ambassador of Kenya to Korea Ambassador Ngovi Kitau has commended the Media for the fair and balanced coverage during and after the elections that saw the country remain peaceful.

Kitau observed that unlike in the past elections where the media took sides leading to conflicts in the county, this time round the media kept the country updated in a fair manner that built cohesion in the country.

He called on journalists to continue giving the public facts that will enable them form their personal opinion warning them against inciting violence through hate speeches and propaganda.

“Do not incite violence, do not get involved in propagating misinformation or disinformation. Keep the country informed on facts and they will form their own opinion,” he said.

He however asked the country to embrace the example of the Korean government that had a smooth transition after their March 9th elections despite the president elect having won with a thin margin.

“Korea had an election on March 9th and surprisingly the outcome was very close to that of Kenya. The current Korean President won by a gap of 0.73 per cent representing 244, 000 votes, but there were no issues in Korea,” he said.

The former and first ambassador of Kenya to Korea spoke during the official launch of a Christian radio station dubbed ‘Hossana FM Radio’ that will be broadcasting in Narok County.

He praised the new station saying it is the first ever radio station in Africa that has all the transmission equipment manufactured in Korea.

Korean and Kenyan Christians, he said, will be able to share their faith, sermons and lectures, and reach out to those who are not able to physically attend church services.

In addition, he said, the new radio station will facilitate the growth and integration of the Kenyan and Korean communities.

“The fact that this is the only radio in Africa where transmission equipment is manufactured in Korea is commendable because Korea produces very high-quality equipment and the radio station will provide quality transmission and operate for a long time with minimal maintenance,” he said.

He recalled that the setting up of the station was not a walk in the park as it was established in 2020 on the onset of Covid-19 pandemic.

The radio station director Peter Kang said the installation process faced many challenges including custom clearance of the equipment but thanked God for the successful installation.

By Ann Salaton

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