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Anglican prelate cautions leaders against constant politicking

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has asked leaders to tone down on the current political rhetoric in the country.

            Ole sapit said it was wrong for political leaders to put the entire country in a campaign mood yet the general election was 18 months away.

            “As a church we are wondering why the rush. The political temperature is escalating at a very early stage yet we have a year and a half before we go to the ballot,” said the archbishop.

            “He urged politicians to instead use the remaining time to deliver on their pledges and desist from the constant politicking.

            “All political leaders starting from the ward representatives to the president made pledges to Kenyans and they should focus and deliver on services before their term comes to an end,” noted Ole Sapit.

            Addressing the press at Makueni ACK Christian and Social Training Centre in Mwaani when he presided over, a graduation of clerics the head of the Anglican Church also condemned the incident in Kisii County where two Members of Parliament (MPs) fought early this week.

            He said it was saddening that the MPs, Silvanus Osoro (South Mugirango) and Simba Arati (Dagoretti North) engaged in a scuffle in the full glare of the public.

            “It is unfortunate that honorable members of the National Assembly exchanged kicks and blows at a funeral,” said the archbishop.

            Ole Sapit, called for restraint and tolerance among politicians saying such acts risks putting the country in a precarious situation.

            He also cautioned against the use of abusive language, saying leaders should be civil.

            “Leaders must sell their agenda without resorting to insults. Abusive language will not solve the problems Kenyans are facing,” added Ole Sapit.

            On schools fires, the cleric condemned the vice and blamed it on poor leadership.

            “Our children are learning violence from our leaders. If the leaders can fight in public what do you expect our children to do?” he posed.

            “The Anglican prelate however dissuaded learners from burning school infrastructure saying the institutions are built for posterity.

            “Schools are built for generations to come. Parents have laboured to put learners in schools and they should not be burdened further by burning school property,” said Ole Sapit.

            The archbishop asked learners to use alternative ways of addressing their issues, saying no grievances whatsoever can justify burning of schools.

            He appealed to parents, teachers and the church to inculcate good morals and values to children as they grow up.

            “We are asking the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to be close to learners,” he said.

            The cleric said the Anglican Church had offered to provide psychosocial support to learners and help them cope with life.

            Ole Sapit also challenged Christians to uphold high morals and values and be role models worth to be emulated.

            “As Christians we should be representatives of what is truthful. We have to be the salt and the light of the world as the church,” stated the cleric.

            Speaking earlier in his office when the Anglican archbishop paid him a courtesy visit, Makueni County Commissioner Maalim Mohamed underscored the role of the church in spurring development.

            “We cannot underestimate the role the church has played in the education and the health sectors,” said Maalim.

            He hailed the archbishop for championing for good governance and cohesion among Kenyans.

            “As a cleric, your stance on the fight against graft in the country is unwavering,” said the County Commissioner.

            He also called on Kenyans to unite and shun divisive politics. “2022 shall come and go but Kenya will remain,” said the administrator.

by Roselyne Kavoo

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