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County Assembly urged to approve feeding program

The Busia Department of Education and Vocational Training has underscored the need for the County Assembly to set aside funds that will cater for the introduction of a feeding program for Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) learners.

The Education Executive, Prof. Grephas Opata said Busia Members of the County Assembly should consider supporting the program considering the importance of proper feeding at early stages, to facilitate healthy growth and development of pupils.

“Most pupils come to school from home without breakfast yet they have to stay in school until they leave for home. In the evening, the child will have Ugali and Sukumawiki and sleep. Will that kid develop properly?’’ posed Prof. Opata.

He made the remarks at the Breeze Hotel in Busia town, where he pleaded with the MCAs to allocate a budget that will facilitate the program for the benefit of the pupils across the County.

“One of the things we want to introduce as a department is the feeding program for the ECDE learners knowing the background most come from. In an ECDE classroom of 60 learners, those who get breakfast daily may not be more than 30 per cent, an issue that needs to be looked into,” he said.

His remarks were echoed by the Director ECDE, Douglas Barasa who said pupils should be supported to have basic meals, emphasizing that without proper nutrition learning cannot take place.

“Good nutrition is the first line of defense against numerous childhood diseases,” he said, adding that the feeding program also helps in retaining learners in school as well as improve performance due to daily attendance.

By Absalom Namwalo

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