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Arrest drunk drivers, release them when they are sober, Deputy Governor urges

Machakos County Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has urged police officers to be vigilant on the roads to ensure that traffic rules are not violated and lives of Kenyans are not endangered during this festive season.

Speaking at ABC Bomani church, Mwangangi said that road accidents have become frequent occurrences and often peak during the festive season, resulting in loss of lives and injuries.

“I urge the police officers to be on the lookout for drivers who drink and drive, arrest drunk drivers, retain them and release them when they become sober,” said Mwangangi.

“We don’t want to endanger the lives of our people. Whoever breaks traffic rules should be dealt with in accordance with the law,” he added.

He further urged security officers to be alert to ensure safety of all people, not only on roads but also against robbery and theft.

He claimed that the rise in accident rates during this season has nearly become predictable and that action must be taken to stop this alarming trend.

The Deputy Governor also asked parents to take care of their children over this long break in order to keep them away from drug abuse and early pregnancies.

He also urged county government officers in all the 9 sub counties to work with the national government officials to promote the county’s growth.

Mwangangi further asked residents to continue planting trees to boost vegetation cover in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

By Caroline Mutheu

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