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Assistant chief interdicted in murder row

An assistant chief in West Pokot County has been interdicted in connection to land scandal and killing of one person.
The area county commissioner, Apollo Okello further summoned Kanyarkwat division, Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) for laxity in his area of jurisdiction.
The Katikomor sub location administrator was interdicted after he colluded with his two brothers and obtained a title deed for a parcel of land which is part of Kanyarkwat Group Ranch land with over 100 members.
Speaking at Katikomor area during security meeting attended by the area governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo Thursday, Okello warned the administrators against laxity in their work and blamed the Kanyarkwat ACC for the cases of insecurity in his area.
“It shows that the area ACC has absconded his duties and failed to maintain order in the area since he is always absent from his area of work after he was posted. The land problem and killings should not have happened if he was serious with his work,” pointed the county commissioner.
The killings occurred after relatives to the Katikomor sub location chief, Peter Lowasikou ambushed a family of Longiro Lwokwasit at Katuyunwo village on Wednesday evening and shot him with a poisoned arrow which resulted to his death.
The report indicated that the deceased, Longiro 26, was together with his three brothers during the attack by a group of ten armed men who were baying for their blood as they claimed they were settling on their 3,000 acres parcel of land illegally.
The disputed title deed was acquired under a company where the three directors are brothers, among them the assistant chief, who was also adversely mentioned in connection of the killing by the wananchi during the meeting.
Okello added that the chief went ahead and acquired a title deed from the Kapenguria land office through dubious means and called on the ministry of lands to revoke the title deed until the matter is sorted out.
“The sub chief conspired with his brother who is a teacher and his younger brother to allocate themselves 3000 acres of land illegally. Due to an outcry from the public the assistant chief is suspended. As a civil servant, he should not be a problem to the community but a problem solver” Okello said.
Okello tasked the area chief to take charge of Katkomor sub location as the government looks for a responsible assistant chief to replace the axed chief Lowasikou.
He further ordered for manhunt and arrest of those responsible for the killings, saying the fired assistant chief, his two brothers and other suspects will be arrested and be charged for murder and violating the law.
He said the DCI is investigating the matter and directed the members of the ranch to avail the documents in a meeting scheduled for Tuesday next week, which will bring together land registrar, adjudication officers and surveyors.
Lonyangapuo said the three brothers had grabbed schools, markets and other projects that were built on the 3,000-acre piece of land by the county government which cost close to Sh. 60 million.
“I support the dismissal of the two government officers, the teacher and assistant chief; let them be taken to court to serve as an example to the rest. Reluctant police officers should also face the axe,” said Lonyangapuo
He said the title deed is named Lomangiro investment limited was acquired in 2018, while asking the land office to revoke it.
During the meeting, residents pointed out that the assistant chief keeps on using threats to evict people from the farm as they live in fear.
The assistant chief and his two brothers failed to attend the security meeting that was being held in his sub location as locals and police officer launched a manhunt for the suspects. It is reported that over five people have lost their lives in connection to the land dispute.
By John Saina

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