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Association launch campaign to help in the fight against cyber crime

Kenya Bankers Association in collaboration with Central Bank of Kenya Friday launched the 2019 edition of Kaa Chonjo card, mobile and online safety awareness campaign Programme in an effort to fight fraud.
The initiative is aimed at empowering consumers with information on secure use of banking and payments channels with the programme motivated by the fact that fraud issues were dynamic in Kenya.
Central Bank Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge said that the fight against fraud should be a priority in order to secure Kenya’s financial sector.
“As institutions focus on improving their companies, they should also double check how secure they are,” Dr. Njoroge urged banks represented at the forum.
He noted that to win the fight against cybercrime, all stakeholders ought to participate and be alert since they were all fighting a common enemy.
“Kaa Chonjo is not only meant for clients but also for banks which should be alert on these crimes all the time,” he added.
Dr. Njoroge further noted that technology has evolved being one of the main tools used to commit cybercrime and that 91 percent of cybercrimes start with fishing emails or spams emails.
He encouraged banks to have regular training in ICT programmes for staff members and also be keen on monitoring members’ behaviour to ensure their third party service providers were secure.
During the awareness campaign launch, Kenya Bankers Association CEO Dr. Habil Olaka said that this initiative would enhance customers’ conveniences.
“Fraud is among the tragedies that threaten progress in adoption of new technology,” he said, observing that through collaborations in the banking sector, they could create an environment that was not only conducive but also sustainable for growth.
Kaa Chonjo initiative tends to present high benefits for both bankers and clients since clients would not be facing cases of lost cash in case their ATM cards are lost or stolen while bankers upgrade their security.
This campaign comes at a time when the country has witness an upsurge in cybercrimes, the latest one being three different incidents where Automated Teller Machines belonging to Barclays Bank were tampered with and Sh11.5 million stolen within a span of 48 hours.
By Yvonne Kadzo/Gworo

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