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Avoid eating uninspected chicken to avert contracting salmonella disease


The Kirinyaga county government has warned farmers to desist from feasting on uninspected chicken to avoid contracting the salmonella disease found in sick birds.

The  County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Jacqueline Njogu  said members of the public should change their habits and embrace eating only inspected chicken.

Speaking to the media at Kamweti Farmers Training Centre  when she opened a two day exhibition for small scale farmers , Njogu said already the county has Meat Inspectors deployed all over for the purpose.

“Since we live in an environment surrounded by many challenges which include diseases contracted from animal products, we should learn to ensure any animal slaughtered for consumption is inspected,” Njogu said.

The CEC who was accompanied by the County Director of Livestock Development, Dr. Richard Gichangi said there are elaborate measures already in place to deal with any outbreak of animal disease in the area.

The field day attracted scores of exhibitors from agri-chemical manufacturers, extension officers, and hybrid maize and dairy animals.

Among the crops on display were spinach and tomatoes grown in green houses, various high yielding and early maturing sweet potatoes, foxtail millet, arrowroots and various traditional vegetables.

Among those who attended the function were primary and secondary school children who said it had offered them an opportunity to learn more about agricultural practices.

The function which was organised by the county government in conjunction with the area Stake Holders Forum  was described as a success.

The  Forum  Chairman, Gitari Mwendia said the idea of holding such field days was to avail learning opportunities for farmers and the schoolchildren on emerging farming technologies.

“When we came in a year ago, this centre was a ghost one but today you can see the robust activities which have attracted hundreds of farmers both young and old,” Mwendia said.

Mwendia  said the same function  will be held next year while the planning has since started basing the demand by the huge turnout.

The official said there was high learning affinity by the farmers and the only way to satisfy them was to continue holding such field days and short courses regularly at the centre.

“The centre, God willing, will also start hosting short courses for the farmers as we endeavor to achieve the food sufficiency which is among the Big Four Agenda the President has listed as part of his legacy,” he said.

The centre has even five pedigree dairy animals from which farmers will be getting high-grade calves to improve their flock.

By  Irungu  Mwangi

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