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Avoid unregulated liquor this festive season, police boss warns

Kiambu County residents have been warned against taking unregulated liquor and other harmful substances this festive season, else they may turn out to be detrimental to their health.

County Police Commander Muchangi Kioi said over the years several people have died, while others lost eyesight after taking illicit brews during such festivities.

He said such brews are manufactured in a rush and since they are cheap, their huge demand during this period is high.

Kioi who was accompanied by the County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha at Gathage area, Gatundu South Sub County warned anyone caught selling the brews that they will spend the entire festive season in custody.

“This is the time when revelers should be careful of the brews they consume. If you come across such brews, avoid them and inform the authorities. During such festivities, we have lost several people and others have lost eyesight after consuming these brews,” he said.

During an exercise, over 400 litres of chang’aa, bhang and other outlawed substances were destroyed.

The Sub County is known to be notorious for brewing of illicit liquor, with several families broken due to men’s overindulgence.

The County police boss revealed that they have arrested scores of criminals in the illegal business collecting close to Sh3 million worth of fines from the offenders.

He also urged parents to keep a close eye on their children to prevent them from joining illegal groupings that could introduce them to drugs.

On the County’s security situation during the festivities, Kioi said they are on high alert and that they have beefed up security in public gatherings including supermarkets, banks and other high traffic areas to ensure people go about their businesses uninterrupted.

His sentiments were echoed by Nkanatha who urged residents to collaborate with law enforcers for guaranteed peace during the entire season.

The county commissioner also sensitized residents on the need to take advantage of the long break to plant trees as a way of conserving the environment.

By Muoki Charles

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