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Bar owners warned against selling illicit brew

Makueni County Commissioner William Kaimba has warned bar owners in the county against selling counterfeit alcohol saying legal action will be taken against those flouting the Liquor Act.

Speaking during a county Enforcement Officers Pass out parade at Unoa grounds in Wote Thursday, Kiamba said that there has been an increasing number of bar owners who have been reported to be selling illicit brew.

“We know that some people in this area are still selling illicit brew despite the measures we have put in place. On Friday last week, we arrested a lorry full of illicit brew in Kilungu and those who are responsible will be prosecuted accordingly,” warned Kaimba

He also asked the county administration to deny licenses to bars that are too close to schools, saying that it is illegal to have a bar near a learning facility.

“Do not offer these business licenses and permits to people who are planning to sell alcohol near schools since many students may be tempted to pass through the bars on their way to school, noted Kaimba.

Some 48 officers graduated during the ceremony where 37 were males while 11 were females. They underwent a four-week training.

On his part Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo noted that his administration is keen on ensuring children have a safe environment to learn at school.

“We are allowing any person to do business anywhere in the county except where the law does not allow, bars should not be allowed to operate within 300 meters from a school,” warned Mutula.

He urged the enforcement officers to perform their duties according to the law and shun away from corruption.

“We have not given you an authority to harass traders in town when enforcing the by-laws and collecting revenue, instead talk with them and agree on how they will comply,” said Mutula.

He added that his administration will employ additional enforcement officers to improve service delivery.

The officers were trained on enforcing county laws and regulations, revenue collection, offering first aid and observing discipline in markets.

By Samson Makau and Ronald Rono

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