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Barchok raises concern over resurgence of banned plastic bags

Bomet Governor Prof Hillary Barchok has raised concern over the resurgence of banned plastic bags in counties near the Lake Victoria region.

Barchok, who is the Chairman for Environment Committee in the Lake Region Economic Block (LREB), said there was rampant use of clear plastics for packaging meat and groceries in the region prompting environmental concern.

The Governor was speaking at Silibwet grounds during the marking of World Environmental Day which was attended by the 14 LREB counties.

“We have to put good use of plastics so as to curb environmental degradation. Plastics can also be used in an environmentally friendly way,” said Barchok.

“By planting trees as we have done, we are putting in place one of the interventions to address the negative effects of climate change,” he said.

Citing the recent drought that he termed as the worst in recent years, Barchok said if no stringent interventions were put in place, the situation may further escalate.

He said climate change, which resulted from human activities, has not only meted adverse effects on humans only but also wildlife.

He cited the recent spate of wildlife, getting out of their natural habitat such as Maasai Mara game reserve, in search of water and food.

“Mother nature can be unforgiving, that is why we take care of our ecosystem within our localities,” he said.

By Kipngeno Korir

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