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Baringo Medics safely deliver a 5.7Kg baby

Three health staff in a local health centre in Baringo’s Emining area, surprised the residents and their superiors after struggling to safely deliver a 5.7 kilogram baby in a normal birth.

Clinical Officer, Ruth Mwanu, Nurses Beatrice Ketton and Onesmus Boit, gave their all to save the life of Mary Kipsang and her new baby in a very heavy task that left their hands literally aching.

According to Mwanu, the patient arrived at the Health Centre, Monday morning, with stage one labour and after examination by the nurse on duty, Beatric Ketton, queried whether it was a case of a big baby or multiple pregnancy, which would have meant a likelihood of a caesarian section procedure.

“Our facility doesn’t have a theatre and so we called our nearest facility to order for an ambulance to transfer her to a higher facility, but before the ambulance arrived, she progressed into second stage of labour, we were forced to attend to the high risk delivery considering we didn’t have a surgical theatre,” said Ms Mwanu.

She adds that the facility being a level three, cannot handle surgical emergencies and they heaviest baby they have ever delivered at the facility is 4.2 kilograms.

According to Ketton, who checked the health of the expectant (vitals), the mother had high blood pressure and oedema of the legs and they had to contribute to purchase a drug that would ease the pressure as the patient didn’t have any money.

“I sensed danger and alerted my CO on duty, the patient didn’t have any money even ten shillings so we had to contribute and buy the medicine,” said Ketton.

According to the Officer-In-Charge of the facility, Ms Edith Jepkorir, the trio did a commendable job considering they worked under challenging conditions with no basic supplies and equipment.

“We didn’t have basic things such as for testing the sugars levels or primary drugs to even lower the pressure, so the staff had to contribute to buy the drugs as well as the sterile gloves,” said the In-Charge.

She adds that her staff worked so hard and applied all their knowledge to an extent they were complaining of fatigue because getting out the baby, took close to thirty minutes in a procedure that normally goes for five minutes.

“There was a situation where the baby was stuck for some time, but they applied all their knowledge to make sure both the baby and mother were safe, it would have been bad to lose either or both,” said Edith.

Even with the successful delivery, they encountered a challenge as the baby came flat as it scored poorly on the basic health parameters, but they didn’t give in as they resuscitated the baby for nearly one hour.

“It’s only after he picked, that we referred them to the Eldama Ravine Sub-County Hospital for specialized care,” added the medic.

A visit to the Sub-County Hospital, we found both the mother and the baby well and hopeful that they would be discharged the following day.

Her sister-In-Law, Judith Kiptim, appreciated the work and thanked God since it was a close call to a theatre procedure.

She called on all expecting mothers to attend to ante- natal clinics, so that they can be advised accordingly and alleviate such high risks birth.

Kiptim called on the government to equip health centres to avert such risks in future as the level four facility such as the Eldama Ravine facility are over 50 kilometres away and may not be easily reachable in the event of emergencies.

The father of the baby, David Kimaru, also thanked God that both his fourth born boy and the mother were safe.

Back at the Emining Health Centre, the local community broke into dances, praising the medics who performed the delivery, saying they should be recognized for a commendable job and showered them with gifts.

“We are celebrating while congratulating them for the good work, we pray they get a promotion,” said Beatrice Moning, a resident.

Another community member, Gladys Jerono, encouraged them to continue with such good deeds, saying such will not only earn them blessings from God but also those whose lives are saved.

“When I heard the news I was very happy and rushed to get gifts for them, we are very proud of them,” said Jerono.

By Christopher Kiprop

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