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Be careful when Dealing with Contractors

Laikipia County Criminal Investigations Officer, Peter Muinde, has urged civil servants entrusted with foreseeing implementation of development projects to be cautious when dealing with contractors.

Muinde said some rogue contractors are cunning and will easily land government officers in problems through enticing them with gifts to approve completion of projects carried out shoddily.

The County Chief Detective was speaking, Thursday at Laikipia County Commissioner’s office in Nanyuki during a County Development Implementation Coordination Committee meeting (CDICC) meeting chaired by County Commissioner Daniel Nyameti.

He hailed the formulation of CDICCs by President Uhuru Kenyatta and urged the Laikipia Committee, to ensure that all funds channeled in the county by the government for various development projects have been utilized prudently.

Muinde said the Executive Order No. 4, under which the committee was formed, can bring so much positive change in this country if its membership remains fully committed.

County Commissioner Daniel Nyameti said that public servants are expected to be role models through executing their duties in an accountable and transparency manner.

Nyameti said Laikipia CDICC will exercise commitment and patriotism in ensuring that contractors awarded tenders for government’s funded projects, deliver quality work and on specified time.

The administrator pledged that Laikipia County CDICC will not allow engagement of blacklisted or incapacitated contractors to carry out any development projects in the area.

He noted that most of the projects whose completion time had been delayed, were awarded to incapacitated contactors before the formulation of the CDICC.

The County Presidential Delivery Unit Director, Richard Tutah, reiterated the need for the committee members’ commitment in attending the meetings.

“The CDICC meetings take precedence over any other meetings. A task given to a particular officer who is a member of CDICC in April this year has not been responded to,” Tutah noted.


He said the Committee will not entertain habitual absenteeism adding that CDICC is a presidential order using a multi sectoral approach to monitor the implementation of government projects in the Counties.

The CDICC was created by President Uhuru Kenyatta in January this year to coordinate among other tasks, the implementation of government development projects.


By Margaret Kirera

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