Bees Sting Woman to Death

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A middle-aged woman from Kivaruri village in Embu East was stung to death after a swarm of bees at attacked her at her farm.

Preliminary reports into the incident indicated that the woman who was on her routine picking of tea leaves accidentally  stumbled on the swarm that had pitched tent on one of the branches.

Eye witnesses said that efforts to rescue Rosemary Wanja were futile as she was inside the tea bushes and the bees were attacking anyone who tried to get closer.

Antony Njagi said he responded to the call for help from the deceased but he was unable to help her as the bees attacked him too.

Other residents who had rushed to offer help were also attacked by the bees and they escaped with minor bee sting injuries.

“It took us time to get to where she was. The bees were too many and she was inside the tea bushes. We got too late,” said Njagi.

Wanja was rushed to Runyenjes sub district hospital where she succumbed to the bee attack and the body was taken to the hospital mortuary.

By Kimani Tirus

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