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Best Malindi KCPE candidate appeals for assistance

The  best candidate in Malindi Sub-County in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations has asked for support to pursue his studies.

Jonathan Maneno Mwinzi, who despite poverty and his parents’ separation scored an impressive 427 marks, wants well-wishers to assist him achieve his dream of being a neurosurgeon.

Jonathan, who sat the examinations at  Airport Primary School in Malindi Town, was ranked fifth in the Coast region and second in Kilifi County.

“I aspire to join Starehe Boys Centre so that I can achieve my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon,” Jonathan said, who added that he had been forced to study on an empty stomach due to lack of food at home.

His mother, Cecilia Mumbua, said she was working as a house maid in Malindi Town and that she could not afford meals for her three children, let alone educating the first born.

“I am a single mother and working as a maid. My income cannot allow me to afford a decent meal for my children, let alone educating Jonathan,” she said amid sobs.

Her sentiments were echoed by the boy’s aunt, Agnes Musili, who said unless sponsors assist the youngster, it would be difficult for the family to educate him.

Erick Katana, a Mathematics teacher at the school, attributed Jonathan’s success to discipline and hard work as well as the concerted efforts of all the boy’s teachers.

He  said the boy used to arrive at school earlier than others and left after everybody had gone home, adding that he used to engage teachers with questions in subjects he had challenges with.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that public schools posted better results than the academies this year in Malindi Sub-County.

Airport  Primary School  in the outskirts of Malindi Town had Jonathan with 427 marks followed by St. Andrew Primary School 417.

Sabaki Primary School, which was in the news last year for leading in pregnancies among girls had a candidate with 411 while Malindi HGM and Gede Primary schools had students with 408 and 400 marks respectively.

Among the academies, Light Academy had a candidate with 416 marks followed by Kingsway Junior School, which had two candidates with 412 marks and three others with 400 marks and above.

Tahdib Muslim Academy had a candidate with 411 marks while Malindi Little Angels Academy and Malindi Premier School had candidates with 410 and 408 respectively.

At  Tahdib Muslim Academy, the top candidate, YassirAbdulhafidh Mohamed, said he wished to be a neurosurgeon after completing his secondary education at Alliance High School.

By  Emmanuel Masha

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