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Big leap as Teso professionals launch five year strategic plan

A group of Teso professionals has unveiled a five-year Strategic Plan designed to fast-track the empowerment and development of the
membership and the entire Iteso community.

The strategic plan which was launched on Saturday at Amagoro in Teso North constituency during the group’s Annual General Meeting envisages enabling the professional group to empower its members economically and improve their general welfare.

Speaking during the launch, Teso Professionals Group (TPG) patron Engineer Justus Otwani urged members to ensure the strategic plan
suits the dynamics of the group.

He said the members have no option other than to conform to the group’s constitution and support the set strategic objectives.

“Our strategic objectives include economic empowerment through monthly contributions aimed at realising investment.

: Teso Professionals Group (TPG) patron Engineer Justus Otwani
addresses the group’s annual general meeting at Hotel Suddex in
Amagoro in Teso North Constituency on Saturday.Photo Melechezedeck

“We also have the Socio-Cultural empowerment through talent development, language development, networking and environmental

The other key objective includes professional development through corporate social responsibility activities, sponsorship and mentorship
programmes within the community,”Otwani explained.

On the issue of professional development, the patron noted that in future the group intends to create professional chapters where each
will be tasked to nurture and guide the community’s youth interested in those respective professions.

He said: “Let us grow our membership so that we have numerous engineers, numerous professionals in each of the respective
disciplines so that we can have enough strength for these chapters to operate semi-autonomously in promoting and mentoring our youth.

We should get to a point where youths who share the vision of becoming engineers can be mentored by the engineers’ chapter of TPG
and those that have ambition of being doctors can be mentored by the doctors’ chapter of TPG.”

In the Annual General Meeting the group also resolved that it is mandatory for it to grow its active membership to at least 600 members
by 2024 from the current 150.

The group operates in Busia County which presently has a youth unemployment rate of 66.7 per cent according to its Integrated Development Plan for 2018-2022.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait

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