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Boda Boda operators pledge to adhere to traffic rules

Boda boda operators in Narok County have resolved to be vigilant in following the laid down traffic regulations to avoid incurring huge costs when they are arrested by the police.

The operators led by their County Chairman Lemayian Punyua, observed adherence to traffic regulations will avoid causing accidents, damaging their motorbikes hence they will have more money to save following the high cost of living.

The chairman said they pay huge fines in court of law when caught in careless mistakes hence resolved to be very careful to avoid wasting money in paying fines.

“We have resolved never to carry more than one person because the more you overload the motorbike, the more it is likely to develop mechanical problems,” he said.

Punyua however noted that because of the high cost of fuel and basic commodities, the charges have increased urging customers to cooperate with the operators to boost their living standards.

“The distances we were charging Sh70, have increased to Sh100. We ask our customers to cooperate with us because the hike in prices was informed by the hike of fuel prices,” he said.

Uhuru Market boda boda chairman Francis Mwangi, reiterated the need to observe traffic rules for their own safety and that of the customers.

“Many customers would prefer being carried two at once so that they can share the cost, however, we have agreed that no motorbike will ever carry more than one person,” he said.

Mwangi said the boda boda operators who break the rules would risk being withdrawn from all the registered stages for a period of time.

“We want to sanitize our operations so that more people will have confidence in us. We do not want to be people who are known to be careless and reckless along the roads,” he reiterated.

The Narok North traffic commander Jane Njagi, in an earlier meeting with the operators, asked them to stick to their lanes and avoid overtaking on the wrong side.

“Most of the accidents caused by motorbikes occur when they overtake in the wrong direction. I ask them to be more careful to avoid causing deaths,” she said.

The traffic department, she said, will continue holding regular sensitization forums with the boda boda operators to teach them traffic regulations.

By Ann Salaton


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