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Boda-boda Rider Returns Stolen Motorbike

Joseph Onsare, a Boda boda rider operating in Busia has called on the owner of a motorbike plated KMDV 191C that he stole during a religious gathering at the Nakuru Show Ground to reclaim it.

Onsare said he stole the motorbike on 23rd April 2017 during a religious gathering conducted by Prophet Owuor and is now calling on the owner to recover it.

“I took the motorbike during a crusade by Prophet David Owour at the Nakuru Show Ground on 23rd of April 2017,” said Onsare.

He is now appealing to anyone who lost his motorbike during the function to connect with a security officer in Busia County.

“I am ready to return the motorbike that I stole from Nakuru Show ground.  I am appealing to the owner to come for it,” Onsare said.

Besides the bike, he admits to having stolen other commodities while living in Rongai area, Nakuru County to provide for his kin being orphans.

Onsare added that since he stole the motorbike, life has been hard for him as the incident keeps haunting him.

Onsare, a father of one seeks forgiveness from everyone he has stolen from, adding that he now wants to start a new life with his wife and daughter.

The stolen motorbike is in the hands of one Erick Mokokha, the Chairperson of Boda boda riders in Busia or at the Busia Police Station.

By Absalom Namwalo

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