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Boda boda Riders’ Covid 19 Ultimatum

Boda boda operators in Mt Elgon Sub-county have been given a three-day ultimatum to adhere to government directives on precautions on Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking during an engagement meeting of Mt Elgon Multi-Agency Team and boda boda officials, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), David Kosgey, said that after three days all boda boda operators must have adhered to the directive.
Kosgey said this is in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 as per the directive of Cabinet Secretary (CS) of Health, Mutahi Kagwe.
He noted that a spot check by the Multi-Agency Team has established that very few operators have adhered to the directive.
The Deputy County Commissioner said that all boda bodas will be expected to carry one passenger and ensure that both the rider and the passenger are putting on facemasks.
According to the Sub-county Public Health Officer, Milkah Khisa, the boda bodas needs to practice preventive measures since Covid -19 has no cure.
Mrs. Khisa took the boda boda leaders through the basics of Covic-19 and preventive measures, including washing hands with soap, putting on masks, avoid handshakes, hugging and kissing.
The Public Health Officer also advised them on the type of masks they are supposed to use during this period; the masks include N95 and surgical masks which are currently available in the market.
She cautioned them against person who have taken advantage of the epidemic and are now coming up with masks that have not been tested, they could end up not performing its role.
Mrs Khisa noted that boda boda being the major mode of transport in the region and that a motorcycle carries several persons in a day.
“I urge you to be wiping your seats and the metallic part where someone holds with wet piece of cloth since the virus on a metallic surface can stay up to 72 hours,” she noted.
Boda boda Chairman, Mt Elgon Sub-county, Dennis Cheroben, raised a concern of the unavailability of the masks in the market.
He noted that the recommended masks are not easily available, more so in rural areas.
The Chairman also hinted of increasing transport from various places due to the new government directives.
The Deputy County Commissioner challenged the leadership that they have three days to look for the right masks.
He directed the police to mount roadblocks after three days to ensure the directive has been followed.
“Failure to which, take the motorcycle of those who will not adhere to the directive to the police station, until the Covid-19 has been curbed now that we cannot arrest and prosecute, since courts are not functional,” he said.
By Douglas Mudambo

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