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Bodaboda business risk shutdown for disobeying health rules

Bodaboda operators in Isiolo County risk being banned by the Emergency Response Team for disobeying health rules laid out by the government to check the spread of Coronavirus.
The team’s co-chairmen, County Commissioner Herman Shambi and County Secretary Dr. Ahmed Galgallo warned that the motor cycle riders were not protecting their clients from the covid-19 viral disease as they were directed and the business may be closed any time this week.
The members of the team on Saturday observed that the riders were not using sanitisers and were also carrying more than two passengers against the rules they were given during sensitisation of their designated chairmen.
“Bodaboda riders were advised to buy and every time use sanitisers for their safety and that of the customers,” said Mr. Shambi.
At the same time Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mohamed Maow was instructed to investigate and arrest chairmen of three Mosques within Isiolo Township that were allegedly conducting prayers as usual despite the government’s order to close all prayer houses across the country.
The members of the committee said they would welcome any kind of material and food donation to aid about 15,000 out of 42,000 households in the county who may be in need of food assistance owing to effects of coronavirus control measures especially for those on ‘hand to mouth’ earning from small businesses.
“Of course, the County government is planning to do something for the neediest cases but more assistance from organisations and the National government is most welcome so as to cushion our people from the drastic effects,” said County Secretary Dr. Galgallo.
It was the 5th joint meeting for the national, county government officials, the interfaith groups and civil society organisations’ representatives who deliberate on how to combat the viral pandemic in Isiolo County.
And on Friday the County Emergence Response Teams cascaded the mandate by setting up Sub-County, Ward and Village committees where multi-sectoral approach and responsibility of management of the covid-19 is reported bottom to top and forth.
However the law enforcers including the police and public health officials were asked to be vigilant and take stern action against defiant residents.
By David Nduro

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