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Man’s Body found dumped in a Murang’a river

Sand harvesters along river Mathioya in Murang’a County on Thursday came to a rude shock after they found the body of a man stuffed in a gunny sack and dumped in the river.

Shockingly the body was found near an area where another body was dumped on Wednesday night last week.

One of the sand harvesters Francis Karanja said he felt something heavy as he was scooping sand from water using a shovel.

“I realized that there was something heavy underwater. Tried to touch it and I felt it was something soft. I alerted my colleagues who after inspecting we realized it was a body stuffed in a sack,” said Karanja.

He continued “the incident shocked me. I left the river and sat at the bank as my colleagues tried to call the authorities for assistance.

The workers said they informed the area chief who upon arriving at the scene directed the body to be removed from the water.

Police from Murang’a station were informed and later picked the body to Murang’a mortuary.

Local residents suspected the body to be of one of the four men who mysteriously disappeared from Kitengela last week.

Assumptions of the residents were based on the fact the other body which was found dumped at the river was confirmed to be of one of the four men, Elijah Obuong.

The body which was taken to Murang’a County Level -5 Hospital Mortuary is expected to be identified by people who have lost their loved ones.

Local residents have decried increased cases of dumping of bodies along the river observing that since December last year to this month, five bodies have been found dumped in the river.

“It seems that the Mukangai Bridge has become a dumping site for bodies. None of those who were found here is from this locality. People are being killed elsewhere and being dumped in this river,” stated Karanja.

The residents called upon police officers to increase patrols in the area and nap those behind the killings.

By Bernard Munyao

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