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Bomet County Partners with Africa Water Wells to establish water projects

Bomet County government has partnered with Africa Water Wells of Arlington to sink water points in different parts of the County in a bid to increase availability of clean water in the county.

Speaking at his offices after receiving top executive directors from Africa Water Wells, Bomet governor Hillary Barchok affirmed that his administration will bring on board all stakeholders to establish projects that are likely to improve the livelihood of his people.

Prof Barchok stated that in a bid to provide people living in the villages with clean water, his administration has been carrying out government-sponsored projects and also partnering with non-governmental organizations in the realisation of delivering clean and safe water to Bomet Residents.

“The government in conjunction with our stakeholders has initiated vital water projects in my county that are expected to curb water problems that residents from this area have been facing for the longest period now. These projects are expected to relieve residents from walking for long distances to collect water, once the project is completed,” explained the governor.

According to Water Wells Africa, they have drilled 10 wells across different parts of the country since the inception of the programme in conjunction with local governments in 2012 in the country.

Speaking during the meeting, Sandy Mulcahy one of the directors of Africa Water Wells stated that in his maiden visit to Kenya in 2010 he spent three weeks in the region and learned the dire situation families were going through to collect water.

The water plight families were going through was lessened with the launch of the project by their organisation Africa water Wells.

“The idea of sinking wells in different parts of the County is to provide the great people of this area with clean and reliable water, we have sunk 10 wells since the inception of this programme in 2012 in partnership with the County,” explained Sandy.

Ndanai Girls in Bomet Central Sub-county is the most recent beneficiary of the water project after Africa Water Wells drilled its 12th borehole in the institution.

Sandy also revealed that in 2022, the organization again had conversations with Shem Magnus, CEO of Tenwek Hospital, and a request was made to drill at one of their other clinics located at Kaboson.

“We managed to sink the borehole, the well turned out to be extremely deep, requiring a Reverse Osmosis process due to the unusual amount of fluoride in the water content. However, the amount of water available is spectacular and will supply an overabundance of water,” explained Sandy.

By Lamech Willy A.

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