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Bomet financially empowers women

The  County Government of Bomet has revamped its efforts in improving the lives of its people through institution of ventures that benefit women.

The  Bomet  Governor, Dr. Barchok  Hillary  said weekend that his administration pursued a goal to put additional money in the pockets of the womenfolk, saying the women are the pillars that society stands on.

Dr. Barchok  said his three-term tenure would see a revolution that would see women, principally jobless single mothers and widows, cater for their families just corresponding to their equals in comparatively stable families.

The  move is informed by the philosophy that when women are economically steady, the whole community is by and large somewhat stable.

He  said the County Government has introduced a scheme hailed as ‘inua mama na kuku initiative’, a program that was initiated by the late Dr. Joyce Laboso.

“In our effort to empower women, I will personally guarantee that the Inua mama na kuku program that her excellency rolled out, will be accomplished,” Dr. Barchok said.

He added “we anticipate to distribute over 50 000 chicks to 60 women groups within the first year as this will be a yearly program.”

The  Governor said his administration has seen the County embrace a brand as a dairy county, saying 200 million liters of milk was the set target for annual production.

He  said Bomet had partnered with farmers in an all-inclusive approach to strengthen the dairy sector through taking on modern farming systems and by refining animal breeds.

The Governor  said the sector was mainly run by women and that already, the farmers were benefitting from subsidized artificial insemination services and that dairy cooperative networks have been strengthened.

The  leader said milk produced in Bomet was clean thanks to farmers’ cooperation with the Kenya Dairy Board’s hygiene requirements, adding that the County Government had provided 27 milk cooling plants to ensure the perishable commodity reached target market while still fresh.

“My Government purchased 50 motorcycles for extension services to ensure that farmers got access to veterinary services in all the wards in the county,” he said.

He said he dreamt of eliminating poverty and becoming food secure by leveraging on the strong point of Bomet rich agricultural lands and hardworking people.

By  Kipngeno  Korir

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