Bomet Governor directs non-essential staff to work from home

Bomet Counties Universal Healthcare

Bomet Governor, Dr Hillary Barchok, has directed all non -essential service staff working under the County Government to work from home as a containment measure against Covid-19.

Dr. Barchok said that going by the advice in the gazette notice by the Ministry of Health, all non-essential services staff and those officers above the age of 58 years should work from their respective homes in a bid to avoid congestion in the offices and risk of contracting Covid-19 virus.

Addressing the County Covid-19 Committee, Co-chaired with the County Commissioner (CC), Mrs Susan Waweru, the Governor stated that even the essential services staff will be working in shifts on a weekly basis.

“Following expert opinion on third wave of Covid-19 pandemic we should use all means to sensitize our people to take extra care in observing the Ministry of Health protocols by washing hands, sanitizing, face masking and keeping social distance,” he said.

Dr. Barchok also warned private hospitals and faith based health provider facilities in the County against overcharging Covid-19 tests since the government was providing free reagents and test-kits.

“It is immoral for organizations supported by the National Government and the County to make profits from the donations provided in order to ease the cost of health services,” he told the Committee.

The Governor directed the Committee to set a Multi-Agency Sub-committee involving the security and DCI staff to visit hospitals in a bid to solve the issue of staff defrauding the citizenry.

Reporting to the Committee CEC- In-Charge of Health, Dr. Joseph Sitonik, said that 8,200 people received the first dose Oxford vaccine who included health staff, teachers and security officers.

“As a county we have also received 2,800 doses of the Oxford vaccine, which will be administered mainly to health staff and security officers as we wait for further direction from the Ministry of Health Headquarters,” he said.

Bomet Police County Commander, Mrs Naomi Ichami, told the Committee that Matatu transporters may soon be super spreaders of Covid-19 since the operators play cat and mouse games with security officers as they drop passengers at the roadblocks and wait for them at a safe distance after the passing the police roadblock.

“It is quite difficult to implement the Covid-19 protocols since even at the health facilities who are supposed to comply, we find people crowded at the waiting bays and at the paying points hence you cannot arrest everybody, our people need to be sensitized,” she stated.

The County Commissioner regretted despite fundraisers being cancelled, the politicians were still conducting them and warned that stun action will be taken against them.

“This war against Covid-19 cannot be won by the actions of the government alone, but with concerted effort by all stakeholders, including the politicians who were to be part of the stakeholders sensitizing the public,” Mrs Waweru said.

By Joseph Obwocha

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