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Bomet launches programme to address malnutrition

In a combined effort to combat acute malnutrition among children, the Department of Health Services in Bomet has initiated a comprehensive two-day sensitization programme on Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM).

The programme, which kicked off Wednesday, aims to equip healthcare workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively identify, refer, and follow up on cases of acute malnutrition across the county.

The IMAM interventions, part of a broader strategy to enhance healthcare delivery, are designed to establish a seamless continuum of care by forging strong linkages with programmes focused on preventive and promotive services.

This holistic approach underscores the government’s commitment to tackling malnutrition comprehensively, ensuring that children receive the care they need from identification to recovery.

Currently, implemented at Longisa County Referral Hospital, IMAM is poised for expansion into sub-county facilities within Bomet.

Governor Barchok’s Office released a statement expressing the county’s dedication to extending the reach of IMAM across all five sub-counties, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing malnutrition within local communities.

“The project is going on in all five sub-counties, intending to curb malnutrition in our societies,” the statement affirmed, highlighting the county’s proactive position in tackling this pressing public health issue.

The sensitization programme saw a diverse array of healthcare professionals in attendance, including medical officers, clinical officers, nurses, nutritionists, community health assistants, Sub-County Medical Officers of Health, and Nutrition Coordinators.

Their participation underscores the collaborative effort required to implement IMAM effectively and underscores the county’s commitment to addressing malnutrition comprehensively.

By Lamech Willy. A

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