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Bomet MCAs Reject Supplementary Budget, They Want Car Grant

The Bomet County Assembly clashed with the executive over a Sh 70 million car grant and Sh160 million for personal emoluments that resulted in the delay in tabling and approval of the supplementary budget.

A spot check by KNA Bomet has established, the supplementary budget was set to be tabled on the floor of the house a month ago but it is this duel that has slowed down the process

While the ward representatives insist on having their funds factored in the budget, the executive on its part has taken issue with the decision by the MCAs to reduce the amount set for employees’ salaries.

The MCAs are questioning why the personal emoluments were still too high as it was some two years back despite some of the employees having been relieved of their duties.

The Budget and Appropriation Committee Chairperson Haron Kirui has, however, rubbished the demands and reasons given for not passing the budget.

“As far as I am concerned we do not have any issue with the executive…the supplementary budget is before my committee and it might be tabled in the floor of the house next week,” said Mr Kirui.

Kirui was also quick to affirm that the only unaddressed issue with the executive was on personal emolument which he stated was unjustifiable.

The salaries remuneration commission (SRC) recently Okayed the Sh2 million car grant for each of the MCAs across the 47 counties.

KNA has however established that Bomet MCAs took a Sh2 million car loan in 2017 and they are set to reservice it five years later.

By Lamech Arisa and Joseph Obwocha

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