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Bomet residents protest against their current governor

Business in Bomet town this morning came to a standstill and transport partially paralyzed when resident, mostly youth took to the streets in protest of Governor Hillary Barchok’s leadership.

Anti-riot police squad was forced to fire teargas to disperse the angry mob who had lit fires along major streets including the Highway connecting Bomet-Narok, Bomet Kisii, rendering transport impossible.
During the mayhem, some protesters were arrested and taken to Bomet Central Police Station for interrogation.

 “We must stand up for the residents of Bomet County if the leaders we elected are not solving our problems. We will not stop until we see changes,” shouted one of the protesters at the back of a speeding Police Vehicle.  

The residents were complaining of acute water shortage, poor state of roads nepotism in the recruitment of County staff among other allegations.

They demanded for impeachment of the Governor for failing to attend to their basic needs and pre-election pledges and called on the Members of the County Assembly to fast-truck the process of instituting a motion on the same.

 People of Bomet therefore expect the impeachment of the Governor if there are no changes effected.
By Polette Akoth and Irene Chebet  


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