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Bomet steps up management of waste at Kapkwen market

Bomet County Government has stepped up the management of waste at Kapkwen market following a protest by traders that has lasted three weeks.

The traders have refused to pay taxes to the County Government over what they termed as a lack of tangible services, especially the collection and dumping of wastes.

The traders had also cited a lack of proper ablution facilities in one of the biggest open markets in the region.

The decision was made following Monday’s discussion between Governor Prof Hillary Barchok, and a delegation led by the area Member of the County Assembly, who is also the Deputy Majority, Leader Josea Somoei.

Barchok noted that Kapkwen Trading Centre was not only one of the fastest growing centres, but also the market contributed a substantial amount of taxes to the County and hence deserved better social amenities.

He said his Administration was working tirelessly, to ensure that it provided a conducive environment for the traders to work in.

Barchok said plans were at an advanced stage to pu- up a public toilet that would be managed by the traders themselves.

On garbage collection, Barchok said there would be timely collection, as well as dumping of the same to significantly improve the general cleanliness of the market.

He added that to improve mobility, resources would be channeled towards renovation and building of new roads all over the market.

By Kipngeno Korir


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