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Border communities urged to uphold peace

Communities living along the border of Kisii and Narok counties have been urged to uphold peace at all times.

Speaking during a peace meeting at Nkararo in Transmara West, Rift Valley Regional Commissioner (RC), Mohamed Maalim, reminded area residents that the government is well equipped to apprehend anyone out to cause chaos on unfounded grounds.

The call comes after a wave of fires set by unknown arsonists consumed several acres of sugarcane plantations in separate incidences in the region, in the past one month.

“We have had insecurity issues in this area for some time, where unknown individuals torch cane farms. We hope that the interaction we have had here with the people will be the last of its’ kind,” he warned.

The RC added that the government has put in measures to help identify the perpetrators of the vice, whom he promised will face the full force of the law once investigations are completed.

Citing the Kobia cutline which separates Nkararo and Enooseian, where violent conflicts have been witnessed, the RC urged residents to respect the set boundaries and warned against encroachment of public land.

Instead of taking the law in their own hands, he advised residents to employ legal means to resolve differences and seek justice.

By Isaiah Nayika




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