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Bungoma residents encouraged to venture into indigenous poultry farming

Residents of Bungoma County have been encouraged to practice indigenous poultry farming which will improve their living standards.

In an interview with KNA today in his office, Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) Coordinator, Vincent Wechabe called on farmers to keep more indigenous chicken and practice agribusiness.

Wechabe said that for a long time many farmers in the county have shied away from keeping poultry for commercial purposes since most of the chickens are consumed by family members.

He challenged farmers to rear many indigenous chickens after the Chwele Poultry Slaughter Factory was revived last week.

He added that if indigenous chickens are managed well by feeding them properly and keeping them in a clean place, they will fetch better returns for the farmers.

He added that over 8,000 chickens will be slaughtered daily in the chicken slaughter house and sold in East and Central Africa.

He said that indigenous eggs are more nutritious and sell at a higher price saying a tray goes for Sh600 compared to the exotic breeds whose tray of eggs goes for Sh300.

He advised farmers to form groups and register them which will in future transform to cooperative societies thus enabling them to sell their produce with ease.

“Indigenous chicken has a ready and accessible market compared to the exotic breeds since most hotels now prefer them,” said Wechabe.

He said that these chickens can also produce very good manure which can improve soil fertility thus enabling farmers to harvest more and in so doing sell the surplus and improve their living standards.

By Maureen Imbayi

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