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Bureti elders want probe in Form 1 admissions

A member of the Bureti Council of Elders has called upon the Cabinet Secretary of Education Dr. Amina Mohammed to investigate allegations that schools have been leaving out students with high marks in favour of those with lower marks.
Bureti Council of Elders Secretary, Mr. Edwin Kimetto, claimed some students were being admitted to the region’s top boarding schools without letters downloaded from the National Education Management and Information System (NEMIS) system.
He said schools like, Litein High, AIC girls, Tengecha, Sosit, Cheborge boys and girls have admitted students with marks as low as 250 and below thus locking out potential students from the region who garnered over 300 marks.
Kimetto said that the students were all from one region in Kericho and called on the CS to launch investigations into the matter. He said those found to have corrupted the NEMIS should have their admissions revoked.
At a press conference held at Litein town, Kericho County, Kimetto decried the high number of students from other counties who have been admitted to local schools saying that the government should consider rolling out funds to improve the schools boarding and learning infrastructure.
In Litein boy’s and AIC girl’s high schools the number of students admitted to the two institutions shot up from an average of 250 each and now it stands at over 400 each.
He decried the continued and arbitrary disconnection of water to Bureti sub County yet their former leaders led by Prof Jonathan Ng’eno initiated and built the main Itare Litein water supply.
He said that the government should end the persistent disconnection of water to Bureti by looking for funds to build another water project for the area.
By Dominic Cheres

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