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Busia Assembly approves Sh8.3 billion budget

Members of Busia County Assembly have approved the County’s Budget Estimates for the Financial year 2022/2023 amounting to Sh8.3 billion.

The approved budget estimate consists of Sh7.1 billion from equitable share of revenue from the National Government, Sh47 million from conditional grants, and Sh409 million as locally raised revenue.

The County expects to raise local revenue from health insurance fund, single business permits, hospital user fees, transit produce cess, bus parking fees and land rates as some of its major sources.

The health and sanitation sector has received the largest share after being allocated Sh2.3 billion with Sh1.86 million being given to recurrent expenditure and the remaining Sh456 million for development

The sector has prioritized completion of ongoing projects including the construction of Alupe Mother and Child hospital, Level 4 hospital, equipping of Sub County and referral health facilities and procurement of blood transfusion equipment and supplies.

Infrastructure and Energy has been allocated Sh706 million, translating to 20.8 per cent of the County’s development budget expenditure.

The major projects within this department includes Sh208 million for upgrading of roads to bitumen standards, Sh117 million for construction of major drainages, bridges and culverts, Sh100 million for fuel levy funded roads and Sh78 million routine management of County roads.

The Department of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries has been allocated Sh702 million out of which Sh206 million is meant for recurrent expenditure while the remaining Sh435.8 will be spent on development.

The Department of Education and Vocational Training has been allocated Sh623 million with the key targeted projects to be executed being construction and completion of ECDE Classrooms at Sh45 million.

Disaster and Risk Management has been allocated Sh68 million for purchase of a third fire engine and rescue truck to be stationed in Samia and Bunyala Sub Counties.

A further Sh15 million will be used for development and equipping of the County Disaster office and Sh12 million for the purchase of lightning arrestors to be installed in key government buildings.

The budget appropriation chairman Julius Etyang, who tabled the report at the Assembly, noted that Sh2.5 billion, translating to 30 per cent of the total budget allocation.

Etyang urged the implementing agencies to ensure that all the projects are implemented in time.

The report was seconded by Grace Olita of Angurai North Ward.

By Salome Alwanda

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