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Busia assembly passes Sh8.4 billion Budget for 2021/2022 financial year

Departments of Health, Agriculture and Infrastructure to gain in the Busia County’s approved Budget for 2021/2022 Financial Year which will see health getting 2.5 billion, one third of the County Budget.

The Governor has prioritized legacy projects in his final term in the office, stressing on completion of ongoing projects in the Financial Year 2021/2022.

Members of Busia County Assembly (MCA’s) unanimously passed the Sh8.4 billion Budget Estimate for the FY 2021/2022 contained in the Budget and Appropriation Committee Report, which was tabled in a special sitting of the Assembly.

The Report that was tabled by the Budget and Appropriation Committee Chairman, Linus Asiba and seconded by Grace Olita, was subjected to 15 amendments before Speaker, Bernard Wamalwa, put the question after members saw no point to debate on the Report.

The overall County Government Development Budget is Sh2.7b (32.4%) of the total expenditure estimates comprising Sh2.38 billion for mainstream development and Sh350 million (14.6%) of the total Development Budget for ward-based development projects.

Speaking to the press after the budget approval, MCAs led by Linus Asiba faulted the National government over late disbursement of funds to the county making it hard for the Finance Committee to oversee Appropriation of Funds within a specified time frame.

By Absalom Namwalo

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