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Busia business community calls for peace

Busia business community has urged politicians to exercise tolerance and hold peaceful campaigns ahead of the August 9 polls.

They warned politicians against polarizing the county with tribalism and hooliganism, saying it is a recipe for chaos.

Led by Kenya National Chamber of Commerce Chairman Busia Chapter Sylvanus Abungu, they warned politicians against divisive politics and instead urged them to preach peace as they sold their agenda to Kenyans.

“The stability of our country depends on a business-enabling environment that attracts investors hence generating revenue for our County. We appeal to all politicians in Busia to avoid hooliganism and other activities that appear a threat to matters of national security,” said Abungu.

The Asian business community under the chairmanship of Jaymin Patel echoed the sentiment of KNCC boss by challenging the youths to shun from destructive politics but rather deploy their energy in investment and promoting peaceful electioneering period.

“Kenyans still need access to better healthcare services, education and decent income-generating activities. This can only be achieved if they conduct peaceful campaigns now and elect visionary leaders. Post-election upheavals have previously dented the country’s economy, displaced hundreds of Kenyans and sowed seeds of discord among different communities. This time around, Kenyans must conduct this election differently and avoid being deceived,” said Patel.

They called upon security entities in the county to assure residents of Busia peace and security for its stability. “Busia should continue being competitive to attract local and foreign investors so as to create more jobs and produce for exports,” he added.

Patel lamented high levels of insecurity in the town in the recent past and asked security personnel to increase surveillance.

“We would like night patrols by police officers from Budalangi to Teso North,” he said adding that murder and insecurity would scare away investors who were creating job opportunities for the youth.

Abungu appealed to business people in the region to be resilient and continue with their daily activities as usual.

On the other hand, the chairman of Busia cross border fish traders Francis Akethi noted that Busia is a cosmopolitan county that has various communities who live together peacefully.

He lauded the business community both local and international for being good entrepreneurs who have raised the economy of Busia and western region and provided employment to many jobless youth in their businesses.

By Absalom Namwalo

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