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Busia County Establishes Dairy Parks

In the spirit of supporting the dairy sector in the County, the Dairy Parks model are new farming technologies embraced by the county government to increase milk production, enhance value addition hence more income to farmers.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong said his government has prioritized dairy development to upscale the livelihood of county residents through dairy farming.

The projects are funded by the World Bank through the Kenya Devolution Support Program in the country. Each dairy park is meant to house 40 dairy cows that will boost farming and employment in the county.

“The project objective is to improve milk production for community economic development and food security through sale and consumption of milk,” said Dr Moses Osia Agriculture Executive.

The objective of the project is to provide a platform for optimum management of dairy cows centrally for increased milk production.

The Dairy Park has been set up in Teso South and Butula Sub Counties and it is 80 per cent complete and they expect to be launched.

The county will provide feed farmers with seed materials to plant their own fodder and pasture.

Agriculture Training Centre (ATC) and the dairy park sites have also been targeted for bulk production of fodder which will be used for both feeding and provision of additional materials to farmers.

The Livestock directorate is also encouraging and promoting planting of feeds during this rainy season.

The farmers have been trained and demonstrated on how to make silage and hay to ensure there is sustainable feeding even during the dry period.

By Absalom Namwalo

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