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Busia receives 222,000 fertiliser bags

The government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, has given 222,000 bags to subsidised farmers to be used by farmers in Busia County during this second planting season.

Speaking during the launch of the fertiliser distribution at Amukura in Teso South Sub County on Friday, UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala said that the price of the commodity has been reduced further from Sh3,500 per 50 kg bag to Sh2,500.

“When the president was being sworn in last year, fertiliser was sold at Sh7,000, but it was later reduced to Sh3,500,” he said, adding that it has now been reduced further to Sh2,500.

Malala added that the President directed that the fertiliser be given to counties that have two planting seasons.

“We have 30 counties that experience short rains countrywide,” he said, adding that priority was given to counties within Western Kenya.

He further stated that farmers will get the fertilisers from stores within each sub-county instead of travelling long distances to the National Cereals and Produce Board.

“Next season, the President has said that he will ensure that Kenyan seed also reduces the price of certified seeds,” he said, adding that the government will also provide lime so that farmers can use it to neutralise the acidic soil in the area.

The official warned cartels against repackaging the subsidised fertiliser with the aim of selling it to unsuspecting farmers at a higher price.

“All farmers must be registered by Assistant chiefs and the subsidised fertiliser will be sold to farmers depending on the number of acres,’ he said.

Principal Secretary in the State Department of Crops Kello Harsama addressing residents and leaders at Amukura in Teso South Sub County.

The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Crops, Kello Harsama, said that distribution of fertiliser will start in counties within Western Kenya.

Harsama noted that farmers in the region received the fertiliser late during the last planting season, thereby negatively impacting their harvest.

“The President has also directed that the commodity will be distributed from various stores created by the local leadership in collaboration with the Cereal Board.

Busia Governor Paul Otuoma said that his government will work closely with the National Government to deploy 10 more Agricultural extension officers to assist farmers.

Otuoma added that the county had ordered over 42,000 metric tonnes of cotton to be given to farmers for planting.

“That is why we have advised farmers to form Cooperatives consisting of 1,000 per ward so that we can give them farm inputs and monitor their productivity,” he said.

Busia County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto said that Busia has a very high Agricultural potential and only needs farm inputs to be food secure.

Ruto added that around 113,000 farmers have been registered through the assistance of chiefs and assistant chiefs in less than 10 days, which was organised by the National government in preparation for subsidised fertiliser last year.

Teso South MP Mary Emase reiterated that farmers will not have to travel long distances to get the subsidised fertiliser.

Emase also urged the government to establish depots in every sub-county where farmers can purchase subsidised certified seeds for planting.

Last season, Busia received 23,000 bags of fertiliser and sold 12,140 bags, adding that around 10,925 are still in the stores.

By Salome Alwanda

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