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Busia targets 1400 youths for Kazi Mtaani programme

Busia county is targeting to register 1400 youths for the third phase of kazi mtaani program that is scheduled to run till next year August 2022.

Speaking during the launch of the program’s registration at the county commissioner’s office, the Deputy County Commissioner Mr.Kipchumba Ruto said that the programme will see every sub county register 200 youths cutting across the seven sub counties that is Teso North, Teso South, Nambale, Samia, Matayos, Bunyala and Butula.

Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Kipchumba Ruto addressing the youth. Photo by Mary Magdalene Nekesa

“As Busia county we have 1400 vacancies for this 3rd phase of the Kazi Mtaani program and we will distribute the positions equally in the seven sub counties,” he said.

He noted that they will balance the regions in terms of locations, gender and the physically challenged in each sub county to ensure every youth gets a chance to be enrolled in the program.

Ruto said that the national government started the Kazi Mtaani program to cushion unemployed youths living in informal settlements earn a living since most of them lost their jobs when Covid-19 hit the country.

“If every youth is engaged in meaningful activity, it will help decrease cases of theft and robbery which has been rampant in the county therefore this program is a great milestone for the youth not only in our county but countrywide” he added.

The DCC dismissed claims of online registration which was introduced to facilitate the 3rd phase of kazi mtaani registration process terming it inconvenient since the program requires individuals residing in the area to be physically present if selected to work and that was only to be achieved through manual registration.

“We are registering manually through our area chiefs to make it easy for individuals residing in the area to be physically present when the work starts compared to the online registration where even those living in far counties apply making it inconvenient when doing the selection,” he said.

By Matini Mercyline and Mary Magdalene Nekesa

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