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Busia to get one more constituency, says Raila

The Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga has said that Busia County will soon get an additional constituency if the Building Bridges Initiative Bill sails through the referendum.

Speaking after celebrating the Holy Mass at Lwanya Catholic church in Matayos constituency on Sunday, Odinga disclosed that Teso South Constituency will be split into two to create an additional constituency.

“We had planned to create an additional constituency in the county but the delay to include it among the 70 was occasioned by the delay to publish it in the Kenya gazette,” he said adding that plans are underway to enable the county to have an extra constituency.

He explained that BBI will fight corruption in discrimination among Kenyans who are tax payers.

“We have suffered in the past where people from certain tribes were discriminated against during employment yet they are taxpayers,” he said adding that through the BBI all youth across the country will be able to access the Youth Development Fund to kick start their economic activities.

The former prime minister further explained that the 15 per cent of revenue being allocated to counties was very little adding that through BBI, the amount will be increased to 35 per cent.

“Every ward will be given its development fund which will be deposited to their respective MCAs,” he said adding that no MCA will be forced to beg from the governor.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong endorsed Raila as the next Presidential aspirant adding that he has played a very important role in pushing for the BBI agenda.

The church leaders challenged political leaders to consider empowering youth for a bright future instead of misusing them through handouts.

Besides the additional constituency, the county leadership wants the dualing of Busia-Kisumu highway and creation of a bypass at Mundika area to ease traffic congestion.

by Salome Alwanda

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