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Busia widow cry for medical help

A 37-year-old widow, Sarah Akinyi from Mumani Village in Bunyala Sub-county is appealing for help to undergo operation from kidney failure.

Akinyi developed the complication early last year and she decided to seek medical attention at Port Sub-county hospital where she was referred to Nangina Mission Hospital. At Nangina Mission Hospital she was diagnosed with a kidney problem.

Sarah Akinyi at her home. Photo by Absalom Namwalo

The infection which causes water to fill the stomach, according to her, she feels helpless lying on bed as she can walk or perform her duties as she used to.

“I went to Port Victoria Hospital for check-up, they referred me to Nangina Hospital where I was told there was a lot of water in my stomach that needed to be removed,” said Akinyi.

The mother of 5 lives in absolute poverty depending on help from neighbour Peris Auma who has been like an angel to her, providing for their means and other necessities.

Akinyi lost her husband 12 years ago and now she is appealing for the government and well-wishers to help restore her life to normality.

“I have been the one providing for my family. Right now, I can’t work as a casual labour anymore,” she added.

Sarah lives with pain every day as her eyes keep failing. She now calls on well-wishers to help her and her family.

She is supported to go back to Siaya Referral Hospital for medication to correct the problem before it escalates out of hand.

By Absalom Namwalo

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