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Busia women demand justice for beheaded child

As the World marked International Women’s day Friday, women in Busia are not a happy lot due to what they term as the increasing cases of murder of young girls and women.
Led by the Director of Busia elite women association, Sarah Akinyi the women are demanding for justice for five year old girl whose body was found beheaded and dumped in a ditch on Wednesday evening in Maukoo area.
Akinyi urged police officers to speed up investigations and arrest perpetrators behind the heinous act.
She expressed concern that criminal suspects were being released on bail at Busia Law Court only to start committing more crimes to the society.
The director at the same time urged the County government to establish a rescue centre for vulnerable women and young girls.
“Healing for women who have been involved in harassment and rape experiences is a process that the County government needs to consider,’’ she said.
Akinyi argued that the 2/3 gender rule which is being discussed in parliament will not be realized in the County if the trend continues unabated.
Samuel Mureithi, a paralegal in the women empowerment association echoed similar sentiments, adding that legal action should be taken against the perpetrators.
By Lameck Brian

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