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Business Community in Karatina Wants Street Lights Repaired

The business community in Giakairu, Railways and Blue Valley areas of Karatina Town, Mathira Constituency has petitioned the County Government of Nyeri to repair streetlights in the town.

Traders complained that the county government of Nyeri has delayed in repairing streetlights and installing new ones to enhance security and boost commerce.

Speaking to KNA today, a trader at Karatina town, Mr. Peter Mwangi said they are forced to close down their businesses early despite handling many customers due to darkness.

“Our customers fear for their lives as thugs hide in the dark waiting to pounce on residents,” Mwangi said.

The residents are now urging the County government of Nyeri to move with speed and light the affected areas.

“This will not only ensure our security but will also boost the economy of the area by allowing more time to carry out business,” Mwangi noted.

A night guard Mr. John Maina said lack of streetlights also adversely affects security guards as they could not easily see criminals on the prowl.

“Most of the time we fear carrying out our duty because there is total darkness and thugs like hiding in darkness. We urgently need streetlights to serve our clients effectively,” said Maina.

Maina said cases of muggings for laptops, handbags and cell phones have escalated along Karatina University way in Karatina town, with victims mostly students and residents adding that the streetlights have been in disrepair for close to four months now.

In Nyeri Town and its environs, residents are also asking the county government to repair the streetlights within the Town especially along Kamukunji grounds Nyeri town, where psv operators for Skuta, Kiamwathi, Classic, Sienta stage is located.

Led by their chairman Mr. Nicolas Maina, they said commuters are no longer boarding their vehicles after 7pm as they fear for their lives due to darkness. The operators are now asking the county government to intervene and repair the streetlights so that they can continue with their business as usual.

“The street lights within Nyeri town should be repaired to enable business people and residents to operate freely,’’ said Maina.

By Beth Ndirangu


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