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Business Resumes after Floods Wreck Havoc in Kilifi

Business activities resumed after a four days’ deluge wrecked Havoc in Kilifi County rendering roads impassable

The downpour started last Sunday night and hit the region throughout forcing all business activities in the area to come to a standstill.

Among damages caused by the rains are food kiosks in some estates and a perimeter wall at Pwani University compound under construction along the Kilifi- Malindi highway after floods covered the area.

At the Oloitiptip and Kwa Charo wa Mae Markets in the town where traders had deserted since Monday, business resumed today from as early as 6.00am after the halt of the rains throughout the night.

The traders who spoke to the press said they have encountered heavy losses after perishable fruits and vegetables like bananas and tomatoes got wasted forcing them to throw them away.

Mwanaisha Mohamed who has a stall at Oloitiptip market said the rain has caused her a loss of Sh.10,000 over the past four days adding that she is preparing to receive new wares from the Kongowea wholesale market.

She said a section of her stall was also damaged by the rain and revealed that she has reported the matter to the County government authorities.

Another trader at Kwa Charo wa Mae Market Kibibi Ali said she has also incurred a heavy loss after her perishable fruits and vegetables got wasted incurring a loss of about Sh.7, 000.

On the Mombasa-Malindi highway where some sections in Kikambala and Mtondia were rendered impassable by the floods yesterday, motorists had a relief today as the water separated to both sides but the tarmac got many potholes forcing them to drive with caution.

Floods in the town were minimal following the County’s effort to streamline and clean sewage systems before the onset of the September rains.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kilifi branch also commended the effort made by the County to ensure the town got rid of floods unlike in the past.

The chamber’s former chairman who operates businesses in the town, Dr. Sylus Mzungu said such heavy downpour could have prevented the traders from accessing their wares for close to a week in the past.

By Harrison Yeri

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