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Business stalls demolished as the construction of a road commences

Traders along Koinange junction Road in Nyahururu town are counting loses after their business stalls were demolished to pave way for the construction of the road.

Although  some of them complained of not having received any notice regarding the pulling down of their stalls to facilitate the construction of the road, most of them were enthusiastic that the county government had finally considered renovating the street.

While  speaking to some of the traders during a KNA spot check interview along Koinange road  on Wednesday several traders expressed fear over construction work.

“I did not expect this, they should have at least notified us earlier, it has really affected customer flow” Johnstone Muthama a business owner along the road claimed.

Muthama  added that he was afraid the government would take too long to complete the construction affecting their businesses even more.

Another trader pointed out that the county government should have offered the traders other places to conduct their businesses.

David  Mwaniki a business owner praised the county government for launching the initiative, stating that the road needed renovation since it was in poor condition. He also said that he had received a notice about the demolition and was expecting it.

“We are only doing our work, the county government issued a notice to the business owners to vacate the premises early this year, but most of them ignored the notice,” Patrick Ngacha the constructor said.

Ngacha  also said that they would complete the construction as soon as possible to enable the traders to continue with their businesses as usual.

By  Sheila  Wanza

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