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  Business thrive in Wote town  as Schools reopen

It was a busy day for students, traders, and the transport sector as school reopened on Tuesday for the first term after a long holiday.

A spot check done by KNA on Tuesday showed many students who are reporting back to school were stranded as the Transport sector was overwhelmed by the many travelers.

Many of the supermarkets and retail shops were a beehive of activities as students purchased the back-to-school goodies.

Mr. Jonathan Kavivya, a manager at Makueni Uniforms shop said that business was moderate the prices of uniforms shot up due to the cost of sewing materials from the wholesalers.

“We are suffering because you can see newly imposed tax, especially on fuel which is the engine to all business sectors, so I urge the government to lower taxes. Look at me as an employer I have six employees, if all of them are taxed what will I be left with,” posed Kivivya

One of the PSV drivers said that the fare was affordable to most of the students embarking on school.

“There are a lot of students within the bus station, and the fare is normal but there are many passengers more than the PSV vehicles,” added the driver.

By John Mutinda and Kinyumu Emma 

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