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Butere registrar urges residents to collect birth certificates

Butere Sub-county Civil Registrar Peter Obuon has called on parents and guardians to collect birth certificates belonging to their children from the office registry.

The registrar challenged the parents to obtain the certificate on time to assist pupils in enrolling and registering in schools. This comes after over 50 birth certificates remain uncollected at the Butere sub-county civil registrar’s office.

“We can print the birth certificates on the same day. We have no worries about delaying the process. There should be no last-minute rush; just come to our offices and get the documents early enough. We want parents to follow up on their children’s birth certificates immediately after birth or within six months for an easier process,” he noted.

The officer said they have a turn-around time for issuing the document instantly, or rather, issuing birth certificate numbers for use in the NEMIS registration for learners.

Obuon, who was speaking to KNA Wednesday in Butere Sub County, added that two death certificates have also not been collected in the registry.

By John Ochanda

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