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CACOC urged to redouble efforts in the fight against corruption

Members of the Nandi County Anticorruption Civilian Oversight Committee (CACOC) have been urged to redouble their efforts in the fight against corruption.

            Making the call, Chief Administrative Secretary, Office of the Attorney General (AG), Prof. Micheni Ntiba, said the committee should endeavour to deliver functional education that will accelerate the change of citizen’s attitude and reduce tolerance to corruption.

            “Your main role is to sensitize and create awareness at the grass root levels, monitor and point out corruption activities in public and community projects as well as provide the citizens support mechanism to enable them prevent and fight corruption,” he said.

            Ntiba regretted that corruption continues to derail the development agenda contained in the vision 2030, Big Four Agenda and other development blueprints.

            “Corruption remains a major threat to the attainment of the aspiration of Kenyans. It is a cancer that is eating us and we need to prevent and stop it by all means,” remarked the CAS.

            Prof. Ntiba said the fight against corruption is a collective effort and called upon everyone to practice and cultivate integrity.

            The CAS underscored the challenges CACOC members face in implementing their work and committed to supporting the committee to deliver.

            “The AG’s office has noted the challenges including lack of funding, delayed payments and lack of information to carry out social audit on projects. We will address the issues and also ensure timely and regular payments are made for work done,” he assured.

            County Commissioner, Geoffrey Omoding, affirmed that his office shall support the committee in its efforts to unearth corrupt activities in the County.

            “The committee is integral in mainstreaming adherence to laid down procedures. My administration shall support it to make its work easier in a bid to sensitize the public on matters of corruption,” said Omoding.

            The CC said he is ready to set aside an office for the representative of the AG’s office so that residents are assisted at the county level with no need to travel to Sheria House to have their needs addressed.

by Bethsheba Abuya

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