CAK to champion ICT growth across counties


Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) will champion the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) across counties to drive economic growth.
Acknowledging ICT as a wealth enabler, CAK Chairman Ngene Gituku said the sector had expanded to 9.6 per cent in the last one year.
Gituku said the authority was committed to ensuring that the local industry is on the same wavelength with the latest global standard.
“As the Board of the Authority, we equally take cognizance of the onerous task we have to ensure the growth and development of this strategic sector and with it as a pillar to other sectors of the economy.
“ICT is an enabler of wealth creation in the knowledge economy, we leave no chance to its development,” said the chair when he attended the Kikao Kikuu Forum held at Ol Kalou stadium in Nyandarua County.
He at the same time promised to work with counties to enhance proper communication networks all over Kenya.
“This is one area that we are narrowing on so as to offer Kenyans better services. We are looking at issues of network connectivity, drop calls, issues of usage of drones among others,” he noted.
On his part, Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia cited lack of proper communication channels as major contributors to underdevelopment in county.
He regretted that the county has only 60 per cent of its area covered by mobile telephone network noting residents in some areas have a hard time getting in touch with relatives, government agencies and investors.
“These are some of the factors that have made the region lag behind in terms of development. Our people cannot even communicate with their relatives to bring back resources to their home due to poor mobile connectivity,” he said.
He pleaded with mobile providers to invest heavily in the region as it was one of the agriculture rich counties.
“We have been encouraging mobile marketing for our farm produce but this has been hindered by lack of proper network. Our farmers have therefore suffered heavy losses as a result,” said Kimemia.
CAK Acting Director General Mercy Wanjau advised farmers to leverage on ICT noting that with the use of data for smart farming, farmers stood a better chance of developing sustainable agriculture.
“Nyandarua being predominantly an agricultural area, farmers in the region can leverage on ICT to deal with the challenges of climate change which is a key barrier to resilient food production,” said the director.
Wanjau added that through its adoption farmers will be better placed in managing their farm produce and better placed to connect with global markets and financiers.
by Jesse Mwitwa

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