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Call for calm ahead of Supreme Court ruling

A section of religious leaders in Lugari Sub-County have called for calm and peaceful co-existence ahead of the Supreme Court ruling on the presidential petition.

The leaders expressed confidence that the highest level of political tolerance Kenyans exhibited during and after the General Election will also be witnessed when Supreme Court judges will deliver the verdict in the presidential petition before them.

Rev. Josphat Libea of Pentecostal Assemblies of God, Lumakanda, while speaking on Friday said the peace enjoyed by Lugari residents should continue despite their loyalty across the political divide in presidential petition outcome.

Libea said Kenyan democracy is maturing very fast as witnessed by candidates who lost in just concluded general and by-elections when they conceded defeat and wished those elected well in their work.

The PAG minister said religious organisations have played a critical role in Lugari and the whole country to ensure Kenyans co-exist peacefully despite differences in their political loyalty.

Rev. Libea also pleaded with the elected leaders in different political positions to work for everyone even in areas they didn’t get votes for the purpose of entrenching peace and togetherness.

He said it was not good for leaders to discriminate certain areas in terms of development even if they pledge divergent political loyalty.

Libea however wished that the Presidential Petition before the Supreme Court will be concluded soon to allow leaders sit down and give solutions about the cost of living that has burdened Kenyans.

Pastor Musa Juma of African Church, Chekalini, is worried that the majority of Kenyans will sink into extreme poverty if the leaders don’t brainstorm on managing the runaway cost of living.

Juma also expressed confidence that the conclusion of the Presidential Petition before the Supreme Court will be a breakthrough so that leaders have time to work on managing the rising cost of living.

The African Church Minister reiterated that Kenyans should not allow the Supreme Court ruling on Presidential Petition to sink them into chaos.

Pastor Juma said the peace and togetherness Kenyans demonstrated during the just concluded by-elections should be demonstrated even after the Supreme Court ruling.

By Geoffrey Satia

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