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Call for humanitarian assistance to help drought victims

Religious leaders in Garissa have challenged Kenyans in different parts of the country to unite and help their fellow citizens who are facing hunger due to the drought.

Speaking after a meeting of the Garissa Interfaith Network under the Banner of Inter- Religious Council of Kenya, the leaders urged Kenyans of good will to provide their extra food and money for those who are dying of hunger.

Led by Sheikh Hassan Amey, the leaders noted that the northern frontier counties have been faced with drought for years, which deprive the area residents of their source of income and livelihood and push them to poverty.

“The situation in these counties is not very good. As we wait for more foreign donors to chip in and help, let us do something as Kenyans and help our neighbours who are going without food,” Amey said.

“The state of the economy is also not good. The prices for basic commodities have continued to increase above our income such that we cannot afford them,” he added.

Amey further urged the government to work on austerity measures such as salary cuts for public and state officers so that money can be saved to uplift the economy.

Rev John Mwaura urged the government to increase the relief food distributed for the affected households to cushion them more from the crawls of hunger. He urged all elected leaders to formulate a plan for a more sustainable drought mitigation programme.

The leaders thanked the area residents for keeping peace before, during and after the August 9 general elections. They commended the aspirants who conceded defeat or decided to pursue legal options without inciting people to violence.

By Erick Kyalo

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