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Call for more action to promote Thimlich Ohinga

Leaders  attending the international celebration of world heritage sites have called  for  joint efforts to promote, protect and preserve the 12th century old ruins of Thimlich Ohinga in Migori County.

The  Cabinet  Secretary Ministry for Sports Culture and Heritage (CS), Amb. Amina Mohamed challenged residents surrounding Thimlich Ohinga to guard the now international recognized archaeological site.

In  a  speech read by Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Sports (CAS), Nor Mohamed, Amina revealed that the naming wasn’t easy as it involved complex procedure.

The CS challenged relevant stakeholders, including the Kenya National Museum and Migori County Government to ensure the site attracts national and international attention.

On his side, the Kenya National Museum Board Chairman, David Musila tasked Migori leaders and residents to be the first visitors to the site.

Musila thanked United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation for recognizing Thimlich as among world top heritage sites.

The  Migori Governor, Zachary Obado promised to connect electricity and ensure reliable source of water to the site in the next financial year.

Governor  Obado revealed that locals surrounding Thimlich Ohinga will be approached to sale more land to act as a buffer zone.

Obado however, challenged the Kenya National Museum to recognize other historical sites in Migori County which includes  Chinato Crying stones in Kuria West and the Legio Maria Holy Shrines at Got-Kweru in Suna East.

The Leaders marked the national celebration of World Heritage Sites at Thimlich Ohinga in Nyatike Sub County.

Since the listing inscription of Thimlich Ohinga as the world archaeological site in June 2018 the number of visitors has increased according to the records seen at the site.

By  Geoffrey  Satia

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