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Calls for the community to preserve the sacred Kaya Shonda forest

The Government will lead the Mombasa community in conserving the sacred Mijikenda Kaya Shonda Forest that faces Likoni which is under threat of extinction due to increased human activities.

Speaking at Moi Forces Academy to mark the International Forest Day, Likoni Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Mathew Wambungu said the National Government Administrative Officers (NGAO) will lead the community to plant trees in the sacred kaya forest.

According to the National Museums of Kenya, the Kaya forests are regarded as the origins of Mijikenda ancestors and are revered as sacred sites. They are the cornerstone of the spiritual beliefs of the Mijikenda tribe.

On his part, Kenya Navy Peace Education Officer Fred Kinyua said the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have an initiative dubbed Environmental Soldier Programme to conserve the environment.

He said, “In every base or unit you will see tree nurseries for environmental conservation. We operate with Kenya Forest Service from time to time. We are going to plant trees in all deforested forests in the country,” he said.

Kinyua urged people while celebrating their birthdays to plant trees equivalent to their age. He advised the Moi Forces Academy to inculcate the culture of growing trees in residents ‘day today activities.

“Trees have medicinal value, if we destroy them, we will have the problem of global warming”, said Kinyua.

It’s high time we start another culture in this school, form one student when reporting should plant a tree and nurture it for four years by the time, they leave they will have something to be proud of,’’ he said.

Amina Juma a community leader encouraged Mombasa residents to grow trees in their compounds to mitigate against adverse effects of climate change.

By Sadik Hassan

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